Things that make you go ewww!

Woo-hoo! I’m writing. I should be working but nope..I’m writing and in need of a break. I work in an office and on most days we’ll be acting absolutely ridiculous…in the utmost professional way, of course. But so much so that you would think that we are what inspires storylines for The Office.  But lately (with yearend) there has been no room for laughter. In fact, we’re all so very gloomy, myself included, but that is mainly for other reasons (men suck – hate them. I want to punch them and then kick them where it hurts). But back to the ridiculousness…so you would think that working in an office would allow people to exercise the proper etiquette in certain areas but I’m starting to see that it isn’t the case.


I’m so close to printing out some signs for the women’s restrooms. It’ll read “BE COURTEOUS OF OTHERS & PLEASE BE SURE TO FLUSH THE TOILET.” Enough said? Women be the ladies you all know you are inside.  Of course there are those questionable folk but everyone should have room for courtesy in their lives.  If you are having stomach issues, I feel you. We’ve all been there. I get it but seriously…do you NOT look before walking out? Sometimes it requires more than one flush.  I just don’t get it.


I do feel for the men though. I mean the guys really can’t get away with much. At least we have stalls. No one knows what is going on behind the closed stall but for guys…yea…others pretty much know you may be having a bad reaction to your last meal, otherwise you’d be using those urinals.  That blows.  I’m a fan of the public restrooms that really provide privacy.  Those closed quarters where you don’t have to worry about overhearing something you really didn’t want to hear.  Does it cost that much to close them off? Why leave the gaps in the bottom and top of the stalls? Seriously? That’s just stupid.